Welcome To CCTPG

The California Community Technology Policy Group (CCTPG) is a statewide network of diverse community-based organizations advocating for new public policies to improve under-served communities’ access to advanced technologies. Together, we are increasing digital opportunities.

Computers, Internet, broadband access and other digital innovations are essential 21st-century tools proven to provide economic, educational, health and societal benefits.

But research shows low-income residents have limited access to, and training with, these resources. CCTPG is working with decision-makers in both the public and private sector to allow all California residents to reap the benefits of technology.

By directing technology resources to places such as community technology programs, after-school programs and other community-based organizations that incorporate technology into their services, CCTPG ensures these tools reach those who need them most.

Improve Your Life with Psychic Readings

psychic shopSome people let the stresses and pressure of the day really weigh on them to the point that they often become immobile as to how to live their life. Unsure which way to turn, they wander through their day unable to make any decisions for fear they will be the wrong decisions and lead them down a path worse then they are experiencing today.

The truth is that one little shift in focus can have an incredible positive impact of your life, and it could all turn around tomorrow when you break those patterns and listen to what is said to you at the psychic readings.

Making a Career Change

Too many people stay in jobs they simply hate because they fear having to make a choice that will cause them more financial pain down the road. So rather than follow their heart, they stay at their current job and miss out on an opportunity to get everything and more that they have always wanted. The psychic readings could provide that gentle little nudge that will give you the sign you have been looking for that this is the right decision you must make.

Finding Your Soul Mate

One reason that people miss out on the opportunity to connect with a soul mate is because they are blocking that person from entering their life. They put out that signal they don’t want to get hurt, they don’t want to get abused, they don’t want to get taken advantage of, then wonder why more of that shows up in their life.  Ask a psychic who can give you simple advice for opening yourself up to the possibility of allowing that special person to walk into your life and connect with you on a level like no other.

Attracting Wealth

One thing that appears to be on everyone’s mind is more money. When you focus on your bills and your debts, you don’t attract that wealth you really desire and miss out on little opportunities that could explode your finances. At the psychic readings, you will learn about things you have been avoiding that are your body and spirits way of trying to connect you to that money that you have been resisting. By letting things happen as they were intended, you open up all different possibilities in your life and create unique opportunities for increasing your wealth and your happiness.


Earrings Always Make A Fashion Statement

origami owlPeople have been adorning their ears with various types of jewelry for centuries. Known as earrings, these pieces of jewelry are predominantly worn by women, but an increasing number of men are also wearing them. Earrings can be used as a means of expressing oneself creatively. Different types of earrings can be worn to suit different moods, and a wide variety of earring designs are available.

To Pierce or Not To Pierce

Most people that wear earrings these days have pierced ears. While a single piercing is still preferred by many people, there are legions of other individuals who sport multiple piercings. It is important that all piercing be done by professional piercers. Some people think it’s okay to perform homemade piercings, but the practice is actually unsafe. There are some people that do not want to have their ears pierced, but they do want to wear earrings. These people often wear what are known as clip-on earrings. These earrings simply clip onto the ear lobe, or other part of the ear, and no piercing of the ears is required.


Although the base or frame, as well as the post or hanging wire of most earrings are made of metal, many other types of materials are also utilized as earring components.  Origami Owl has a good selection of earrings that might be worth looking into.

Different Sizes and Styles

Some people like to wear stud-type earrings in their ears. With their basic metal posts and simple backings, stud earrings can be placed in, or taken out of one’s ears fairly easily. Stud earrings are generally quite small in size. Dangle earrings, and hoop earrings, as their names suggest, are types of earrings that hang down, or dangle from the ear lobe, or other part of the ear. A broad spectrum of designs are employed in dangle earrings, including miniature versions of common items. Because dangle, and hoop earrings hang down from the ears, the wearer must be careful when wearing them. These earrings can get tangled up in a person’s hair, snagged on a sweater being put on or taken off, or caught on machinery.

Which Ear Should A Man Have Pierced?

For many years, social customs and public fashion opinion have determined that men who wear an earring in their left ear are heterosexual, and men that wear an earring in their right ear are gay. Those lines of delineation have faded through the years, largely because of the huge increase of men now wearing earrings. Lots of young men now wear earrings in both ears, including some who wear multiple earrings in each ear. No matter what type of earring is worn, these pieces of jewelry for the ears always create a fashion statement.